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Here you will find answers to many of our most common questions relating to our speedratings.

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Question If I add my name to the speedratings mailing list, will I receive junk mail?
Answer You have nothing to fear. will NEVER sell or share your email address with any other third-party, that is both a promise and a guarantee!
Question I have subscribed to your 'Best Bets' service but where are the bets?
Answer Just login to and then click on 'Show Best Bets' at the top, to dropdown the panel and reveal today's best bets. If the panel fails to dropdown when clicked on, it is usually because you are viewing our website with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not yet fully HTML5 compatible, we recommend that you download the Google Chrome web browser for free from here. Install Chrome and during the installation be sure to select 'Set Google Chrome as my default web browser'. Once installed, launch Chrome, re-visit our website and this will resolve your problem. Unfortunately, we can no longer email the best bets because in the past we have found that some subscribers received the emails late or their spam filters can block our email. You must login to our website each day to view the bets.
Question What are the percentages following the jockey's names?
Answer The percentages are our speed rating system's unique calculation of each jockey's level of ability. Each time a jockey assists a horse to achieve it's best rating to date, our system allocates points to the jockey and it is from this overall jockey score that the percentages on the racecards are calculated. It is important to note that the our system does not incorporate the jockey ability percentages as a factor in it's speedrating calculations, this is to keep the speedratings as pure as possible. The percentages are for information purposes only.
Question What does the colour coding represent, icons after the horses name and coloured borders around the ratings?
Answer If a green icon appears next to a horses name, it indicates that the horse should love today's going. A blue icon denotes the horse should act on today's going. A yellow icon indicates that the going may not prove ideal. A red icon is definitely a negative sign and indicates that the horse is likely to run poorly on today's going.

The last six ratings also have borders of different colours indicating whether or not the horse loved (green), acted on (blue), possibly not ideal (yellow) or definitely not suited (red) by the going that day. So you can look at the TopRated and NextBest selection and see what colour going icon for today's going, then look across to the right to the coloured borders for the previous ratings to see what kind of rating the horse might achieve on this going.
Question Any tips on how to maximise profits with your speedratings?
Answer Our best advice on how to maximise profits with our 'Full Ratings' service would be to avoid any TopRated or NextBest selections if they are denoted with a red icon indicating that the horse is likely to be unsuited by today's going but not to miss any TopRated and NextBest selections denoted with green or blue icons indicating that today's going is ideal. Jockey's with a percentage below 10% do not tend to win too often so try to look for TopRated and or NextBest selections with higher jockey percentages than this.
Question You often publish the going incorrectly. Why is this?
Answer We believe that the official going can often prove misleading. If you have ever listened to a winning jockey reporting the going after the first race on television, you will note that jockey and clerk often disagree. The clerks of each course are usually very consistent with their assessment of the ground on their own course but we tend to find that many clerks 'Good' could be what another clerk would refer to as 'Good to Soft' on another course and vice versa. The uniformity of the going up and down the country is not currently measured by any standard scale. It is for this reason that we choose to determine our own evaluation of the going for every course. This way we can be sure that 'Good' is still 'Good' up and down the country based on our own standard scale.
Question Do you proof your selections?
Answer Yes, we do! We proof all of our selections to Do not trust any tipster service that is not prepared to proof their selections, if their service is as profitable as they claim, they should have no reason not to proof them! Integrity is of paramount importance to, we are a very reputable service which frequently tops the one, three, six and twelve month tipster leaderboards.
Question When I click on another meeting it logs me out or only shows the first meeting?
Answer This is usually because your web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari etc) settings are set to 'block' Cookies. Cookies must be enabled to use the website, they are used to remember your login details during your session, to save you the inconvenience of logging in each time you visit a different page of our website. Our cookies are 100% safe and adhere to the 'Cookie Law', only the ID of your session is stored on your machine.
Question When I 'Click on the distance to view further info' it just opens a blank page with the word [object]. What am I doing wrong?
Answer This is usually because you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser which is not yet fully compatible with HTML5. Try visiting our site under Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari and you will find that clicking the distance launches a popup window displaying previous race info.
Question Do you have an affiliate scheme?
Answer Sorry, we discontinued our Affiliate Program in November 2013.
Question When you get a non-runner does the NextBest become the TopRated?
Answer Yes, if the non-runner was the TopRated selection for the race. Everyday, before racing begins, we remove any horses declared as non-runners from our racecards and any changes to the TopRated and/or NextBest selections are automatically updated at this time.
Question Can you recommend a staking method for your services?
Answer For our 'Full Ratings' service we recommend that you use our 'Layer Slayer' betting system. The 'Layer System' betting system filters the TopRated and NextBest selections to approx 19 x 1pt WIN bets per day ONLY if their Betfair Starting Price (BSP) is between 13.5 and 66.0 on Betfair. For full details of our 'Layer Slayer' system click here.

For our 'Best Bets' service we recommend 30pts WIN on the NAP and 3pt WIN or 1.5pt EW multiple each day, again at BSP.
Question Is the ground a factor when doing the speedratings?
Answer The going influences racetimes to a great degree. Fast times are difficult to achieve when the ground is running soft and slow times are less likely when the ground is dry and firm. Thankfully, our system makes automatic adjustments to our speedratings based on the going.
Question What are your subscription fees?
Answer You can view our subscription fees here. We look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber very soon!
Question Do you provide downloadable Excel or .csv files?
Answer Each day for our 'Full Ratings' subscribers, we provide a downloadable 'Selection File' which is in .txt format. It contains the names of our TopRated and NextBest selections which can easily be imported into BetBotPRO and many other betting bots.
Question Do you have an email address?
Answer Yes, you can contact us via our email address of